Large Businesses - Their experience of NXTmove

“The leadership team of ABSA Card had a business audit done by NXTmove. Not only was this a fascinating experience, but it also gave our business a full report with recommendations that the leadership team could immediately implement.

The report is easy to read and understand, comprehensive and accurate. The full business design audit with reports and full feedback was completed in four hours. It was an amazing event that we would recommend to any business! ”

Johan Bosch, ABSA Card

This session was attended by senior management team and the general consensus was that it was hugely beneficial.

I think the main reasons for this were the fact that:

- An independent facilitator is invaluable in these sessions as they encourage you to really think laterally.

- It highlighted areas where my ideas of what was happening at Gallagher and what I was trying to achieve did obviously not line up with what the rest of the team were experiencing.

- We reached a consensus on what the real priorities for the business were and this makes the senior executive all pull in the same direction.

We are still continuing with the implementation of some of the ideas that came out of our Nxtmove session and have seen positive results from the ones we have already implemented

I would encourage other businesses to at least commit to the strategy session we had; it opens one's eyes!

Andrew Dunkley, Gallagher Estate

“The leadership team went through a company design audit with PriceWaterhouseCoopers using the NXTmove system. The report gave the leadership team strong recommendations on how to improve on certain aspects of the business. It was easy to read, and project recommendations were practical and very clear. We recommend this process to any leadership team looking to embark on a critical assessment of the design of their business.”

Consulting Engineering Company

“The NXTmove session was valuable in challenging our way of thinking and providing us with ideas.”

Family owned business

 “We were amazed with the accuracy of the software and the fact that the analysis of the entire business was completed in a matter of hours. We would recommend that every business afford time to undergo the analysis.”

Systems Technology company serving the Aerospace & Defence industry

“The NXTmove session was very valuable in challenging our way of thinking and providing us with ideas.”

Large Farming Operation

“It was a very thorough process that followed a detailed scientific approach. The information generated is in-depth and honest. The interactive session left the management team with new insights into our business. Great value for any organisation. ”

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