Medium Businesses - Their experience of NXTmove

“It was a wonderful learning experience – we now know the pressure points in our business and we are excited about the new opportunities and ideas for going forward!

The NXTmove tool is incredible – it evaluates so much in a short period of time and highights all the gaps in the business, touching on all aspects. The report must be a living document for the business.”

Leading Milling Company

“I put everyone in the business through the NXTmove experience.  The business immediately pushed for a 17% upward adjustment against our five year forecasted growth as a direct result.  

The NXTmove framework has also strengthened my ability to differentiate between my global investment opportunities.  I have, in a very short space of time, been able to identify the key gaps in business capability and management thinking and have strong clarity against the critical project investments necessary to ensure future success.”

David Wright, Flavourome

“NXTmove is definitely one of the best instruments that we have ever used in our business due to the incredible value it has added. The whole session was an eye-opener and I would like to have a similar session with our middle-management as well as our shareholders. NXTmove goes into hard realities.”

Business in the manufacturing industry

“The NXTmove session was a very useful tool for narrowing our strategic focus to what would take our company from being good, to being better. It helped us identify the key improvement areas, with suggested next steps, in a matter of hours. The time saving alone was worth the cost.”

Radio Station

“It was a really good exercise, now there is a more focus to work towards to. With the NXTmove session the branches had the opportunity to give their input and ideas and they go a better understanding of what happens at head office. Due to the NXTmove session we obtained new to-the-point ideas that we can start working on. NXTmove highlighted some items we were aware of but were pushed aside a bit. We were walking in the right direction, and now with the NXTmove session we are guided in the right direction with specific ideas that will be implemented shortly. It was for sure a recommendable session”

Water Treatment Company

“I am impressed with the system's intelligence and the way the questions were handled. Personally, I found the handling of the questions, as well as the discussions around it, more valuable than the report itself, as it poses various options that can be evaluated. The day provided a basis for certain aspects that management will certainly discuss again.”

Diversified Organisation in the Agricultural Sector